The Shine Story

Shine was founded in 1990 and has grown to become a leading New Zealand specialist domestic violence service provider.  

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Shine provides a range of effective, practical and innovative services to achieve our mission to stop domestic abuse in New Zealand. We directly help thousands of adult and child victims every year to become safe and stay safe through our frontline services, and we indirectly help thousands more every year through professional training programmes, our DVFREE workplace programme, and our health sector partnerships.

Shine works closely with a number of Government agencies, community organisations and businesses to achieve our goals more effectively and stretch our limited dollars much further, from the NZ Police and Oranga Tamariki to Auckland District Health Board (and other DHBs), Community Probation, Homecare Medical, and many more. 

Shine has been honoured by the Patronage of Dame Silvia Cartwright PCNZM, DBE, QSO since 1998. 

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Shine is an acronym that stands for Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday.“The name of our organisation is hopeful, optimistic and positive, reflecting our values, objectives and services. It conveys the attitude of the people who work in this organisation and what we achieve. These are tough times and family violence is a grim issue – on both counts, this country needs to feel that a light is shining on a terrible problem and that some brightness is coming.” 

- Jane Drumm, former Shine General Manager

In July 2016, Shine became a service division of Presbyterian Support Northern (PSN), alongside Family Works Northern and Enliven Northern, and more recently Lifeline. PSN delivers social services to build strong families and help anyone struggling with age, disability or injury to enjoy a better, happier, healthier life. With over 1000 staff in 28 service centres, PSN works in communities throughout the upper North Island from Whangarei to Turangi. PSN, together with six other regional Presbyterian Support organisations, make up Presbyterian Support New Zealand. PSN was historically part of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, and became an independent charitable trust in 1954. These days, PSN clients, staff, and volunteers are from a range of religious and cultural backgrounds. 

“I feel good that I know if something happens, I can go to my friend’s house. I talk to mum more about what might happen if dad comes to our house.” 11-year-old KIDshine client

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