“The most extraordinary training today with Shine - world leading experts in domestic violence. It was good to learn theories behind practice and approaches.” - Shine training participant 

Shine training can be delivered to your team at your workplace, at a time convenient to you, or at our Kingsland office in central Auckland. Our trainers are all highly experienced in training and public speaking and have specialist knowledge of domestic abuse.

We usually offer three types of training

  1. General Awareness session: 1.5 - 2 hours
    The purpose of this session is to increase awareness and understanding about family violence, including prevalence, the impact on adults and children, recognising the signs and some guidelines for helping someone experiencing family violence.

  2. General Awareness and Overview of Safe Intervention: 3-4 hours
    This session increases general awareness and an understanding about family violence, including prevalence, the impact on adults and children, recognising the signs along with an overview of the 'Recognise, Respond and Refer' model of how to intervene safely with people who are experiencing family violence. 

  3. One Day Training: 6-7 hours
    The purpose of this training session is to equip participants with an in-depth understanding and the opportunity to practice the 'Recognise, Respond and Refer' model of how to intervene safely with people who are experiencing domestic violence. This model includes recognising the signs of family violence, responding empathetically and referring to family violence specialists locally and nationally.

We may be able to adapt training to meet your specific needs.
If you are interested in training for your group, please fill in this form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your training needs and the fees for our training, or, you can ring us on 09 815 4595. We have some discretionary funding available to provide training for community organisations in Auckland.

Note: If your enquiry relates to workplace training, i.e. training staff to support other staff within your organisation who experience domestic violence, or support with responding to vulnerable customers affected by domestic violence, please contact our DVFREE team here

Please scroll further down to read about other types of training provided by Shine. 


If you are interested in our training, please complete and submit this form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible, usually 3-5 days. 


Shine training programmes

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1 Day Introductory Training - Responding Effectively to People Experiencing Family Violence: For people working in social services, health, education or any area that brings them into contact with women, men, children, or families..

2 Day Advanced Training - expanding understanding of safety, dignity and wellbeing within broader societal contexts of family violence (Prerequisite: 1 Day Introductory Training)

DVFREE Workplace Programme: Assisting employers to create workplaces that are safe and supportive for staff experiencing domestic violence, including training for managers and ‘first responders’ within the workplace as well as consulting on HR policy and procedures and awareness raising activities.

Shine in School: Educating young people to become champions of change, by promoting safe and healthy relationships.

Shine also supports District Health Boards (DHBs) throughout NZ to deliver family violence training to their staff as part of the Ministry's Family Violence Intervention Programme (VIP). This training prepares staff to routinely screen adult female patients for domestic violence, and to respond safely and effectively to disclosures of family violence and child abuse. Shine developed and regularly updates the Ministry’s VIP training package and Trainer's Manual. Shine staff accredit DHB Family Violence Teams to deliver this training package, and Shine provides ongoing support and feedback to ensure national consistency.

Shine has had a close working partnership with Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) since 1996, and has worked with a number of Auckland primary healthcare services (GP practices, well child providers, etc.) to provide training for staff on screening for and responding to family violence

“Shine has played a key role in assisting ADHB to improve our response to victims of domestic violence, both by being part of our team that prepares and supports staff to screen for family violence, and by providing critical support for many of our patients who disclose family violence. We are fortunate to work with such great partners.” - General Manager Clinical Services, ADHB 

“I’m the safest I’ve ever felt. I’m now sleeping through the night. I walk freely without fear. He knows there’s a whole lot of support for me and he can’t do it anymore.” a Shine client

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