The best way you can help Shine to reach more victims of domestic abuse is by making a donation or fundraising for Shine.  If you want to fundraise for Shine, think about how you could best use your own skills, talents, and networks.  You'll be most likely to be successful, if you have fun while you're fundraising!

Below are just a handful of ways people have fundraised for Shine. 

If you are thinking about fundraising online, have a look here.

Some examples are: 

  • A small group of students baked heaps of beautiful and delicious cupcakes. They set up a table on campus to sell their cupcakes. 
  • Staff at one business raised funds for Shine by getting items donated, including a day off work from the boss, and selling raffle tickets to staff through their intranet.
  • A man celebrated a significant milestone birthday, and asked his friends to donate to Shine in lieu of giving him a birthday present.
  • A young woman invited her friends over for a Shine brunch fundraiser. She put on a lovely brunch, shared information about Shine, and asked her friends to donate to support her chosen cause.
  • A young man who was a long distance runner signed up for his first marathon. He set up an online fundraising page and asked his friends, family and workmates to sponsor him by donating to Shine.
    • Students at one college organised a movie night to raise funds for Shine. They negotiated with their local movie theatre to rent a cinema to show a movie very cheaply, and sold tickets to students, parents and teachers for several weeks leading up to the movie.
    • A piano teacher held a recital for all of her students. In lieu of selling tickets for the recital, she asked her students' family and friends who wanted to attend to donate to Shine.

If you have plans or ideas about how you want to raise funds for Shine, please contact Christine Allen at or 09-815-4599 or Giselle Attard at or 09-815-4598