Shine Reports & Articles

A collection of helpful Shine reports and articles in PDF are available to download, free.

Submission on the Family Whanau Violence Legislation Bill
May 2017 | Shine
Shine supports most of this bill, which will revise a number of acts to enhance protection for victims and create a more effective response to perpetrators. 

Submission on the Domestic Violence Victims' Protection Bill 
April 2017 | Shine
Shine strongly supports this bill, which ended up with cross party support to provide workplace support for victims of domestic violence, notably including up a provision for special paid leave of up to 10 days per year. 

Shine's Submission to the Ministry of Justice on Strengthening Family Violence Law

16 Sep 2015 | Shine
This bill introduced significant change to New Zealand’s Family Court system.

Domestic Violence: The Impact on Business
April/May 2012| Employment Today
This article, authored by a senior Shine representative, explains the importance of creating an effective HR response to domestic violence in the workplace, illustrated by several case studies, and discusses key steps needed.
Download the full article here [PDF 300KB]

Shine safe@home: Changing a Crime Scene into a Home
July 2013 | Shine

Reflective Practice
2013 | Plunket Care Delivery News

Talking About Domestic Abuse
Winter 2012 | Family Health

"They didn’t see it. They were sleeping." --The voices of children who live with family violence as heard by KIDshine
May 2012 | Shine

Stolen Childhoods: Report on KIDshine programme
June 2011 – June 2012 | Shine

Arrested Female Offenders In Auckland City
April – September 2008 | Shine

Turning the Tide: A national and local coordinated approach to addressing domestic violence in the United Kingdom
2007 | Shine

Monitoring Report for the Auckland Family Violence Court
2007| Shine

A Specialist Domestic Violence Court design to be implemented in the Auckland District Court in 2007
October 2006 | Shine